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Demo Rack – DM-117 (tall version)


  • Elevated to clear drive system
  • Customer in-store product testing
  • Fishing kayak Raised display
  • Improve customer in-store experience
  • Fixed height.  Minimum 17″ ground clearance.
  • Curved end to help center the product
  • Safety straps
  • Portable



New Product Pre-Season Special!

Limited Time only.


Perfect for customers to test out products in the store!  With this Demo Rack, customer get a chance to feel what the product is like and make necessary adjustment for those kayaks that equipped with drive system.

  • For Wilderness System kayak with drive system
  • The taller height works better for display purpose, but a little more difficult for ingress/egress.
  • Will work on most sit-on-top recreational and fishing kayaks with curved to flat bottoms.

Why is this important?  Because you do not have to put your boat in the water for the customer to know what its like sitting in the boat.

Elevated approximately 17″ at the center, This rack is designed for boat with slight bottom curve or close to flat bottom.  This is also an excellent home storage system for your larger and heavier fishing kayaks.

The rack is 28″ wide, but will accommodate boats up to 40″ wide.

The best location to place the rack is to have one directly below the end of seat, and the other one just ahead of the drive system.

For recreational sit-on-top and fishing kayaks.  WILL NOT WORK on ‘V-Hull” kayaks.

Sparehand Original Innovation.  Patent Pending

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs